Why Linkable Content Wins And Why You Need it

Fact: DA sites are visited more frequently (thus, the link will be found sooner)

Linkable content is more helpful. While being helpful it also answers many questions that the reader might have making it valuable. This will make it more likely that others will want to link to your content as a source, increasing your DA.

Creating content for your product/category and service pages is very important for SEO. However, creating content that others would want to link to is very different.

Link-able content requires outside-of-the-box creativity. Ask yourself, what content would you link to? What content would you share? Often, this involves research. With our LinkInsider content writers, we do all of that for you. Letting our writers use their gifts of creativity is what sets us apart. When you acquire links in this manner, you do exactly what Google wants you to do, gain links through content creation.

Creating linkable content is a continuous process. You can’t just create one amazing piece of content and expect it to go viral on its own. You must continue to produce material that not only draws the attention of readers but also creates shares and links from others who deem it valuable. However, most importantly, it maintains its significance as a go-to resource for a long period to keep facilitating readership.



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blueprint success

The Link Insider Blueprint For Success

1. Orientation call on your products, services, and overall baseline information

2. Discuss current content creation strategy internally

3. Top competitors. Analyze what they're doing well with content

4. Discuss the content strategy for the campaign. Create articles to share on Social Media, Blogs, and more. Examples subject matter includes but not limited to: Informative, Humorous, News Related

5. Content Creation begins. Content will be a minimum of 1,000 words

6. Content is posted by you. Feel free to use it in any way possible. Content created today is not going yield benefits right away and anyone that tells differently is lying to you.The SEO benefits for you will in the near future from a link-building standpoint.

Linkable content is focused on providing value to the reader

Shareable content is good, but it’s often more self-promotional while linkable content is created to provide value to the reader. By creating valuable and engaging content, you can attract attention from other websites to boost sharing. Look at your more recent content you created and ask, “Why would anyone link to this content?”

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