What Is SEO Content?

Marketers use the term "SEO content" to refer to a particular type of online writing that is designed to improve a website's chances of ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO: Search engine optimization, or optimizing a website to make it easier for people to find on search engines like Google.

Content: Information that is available on-page and written specifically for the purposes of SEO. In other words, SEO content is any type of content that has been created with the goal of increasing search engine traffic.

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Brief overview of our process to build valuable seo content for your website.

Link Insider's programmatic research involved in creating SEO-friendly content:

Keyword Research: We research keywords to discover what terms users are looking up on search engines. The services and products related to your website and business are used when analyzing the keywords. The intention of the searcher and their query is now more important than ever before in the competition for rankings.

Keyword Optimization: Keyword optimization, more commonly referred to as keyword research, is the process of finding and analyzing probable keywords that will generate traffic from search engines to your website.

Content Strategy: Goes hand-in-hand with SEO strategy. Define content strategy as the process of planning, creating, publishing, and managing content in order to achieve specific SEO goals. Your strategy should be focused on the what, why, and how to best apply the technical information needed to help improve your SEO in a readable and natural way to be published on your website.

Competitive Analysis: Define competitive analysis as the process of identifying and evaluating your competitors to determine their strengths and weaknesses compared to your own.

US based SEO trained copywriters on staff:

Link Insider’s SEO copywriters are specifically trained in how to write content for the web with the goal of improving a website’s search engine ranking. Our SEO copywriters separate themselves from other content providers by:

Understanding of how search engines work

Query specific search and of how it relates to search engine rankings

Keyword research and key phrases that people are using on search engines

Excel at writing SEO content, while still making it interesting to help gain visitors to your website

Analytical approach to optimizing content for specific keywords and key phrases

If you're looking to improve your website's ranking in search engine results pages, then it's essential that you have an copywriter that is not only a good writer but understands SEO content. Request more information today.

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